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Christmas in Hogsmeade Candles

Christmas in Hogsmeade Candles

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As a special offering, we've teamed up with Lumie and are offering some Wizarding World inspired Holiday candles that you can order along with your yarn purchases! 

About Lumie Candles
- ✋🕯️ Handmade candles using high-quality coconut soy wax for a superior candle experience.
- 🧼🔥 Clean and long-lasting 3.5 oz candle with 25+ hr. burn, allowing you to enjoy the enchanting fragrance for hours on end.
- 🎶🌲 The carefully selected fragrance notes expertly blended to create a harmonious and immersive experience.
- ⚡🪄 Whether you're a dedicated Harry Potter fan or simply someone who appreciates the allure of magical forests, this candle is the perfect addition to your collection.

NOTICE: These are limited stock items, if you add these on to your yarn preorder purchases it will ship with your yarn (which may have a 3-6 week wait).


Hogsmeade Butterbeer: Scent: Sweet and Indulgent ; Cream & Butterscotch, Bourbon, & Vanilla
My personal thoughts: It smells like a super tasty treat!

The Forbidden ForestScent: Fresh and Minty; Eucalyptus, Cypress & Tonka Bean 
My personal thoughts: It smells like a Christmas Tree!

The Yule Ball: ENCHANTHREAD EXCLUSIVE Scent: Amber, Santal & Musk
My personal thoughts: This one is my personal favorite, it just smell like a cozy evening of romance.

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