Hi! I'm Angie!

Hello Fiber Friends! My name is Angie and I'm the fiber enthusiast and founder of this little magical shop. I'm a Christ Follower, Crocheter, Knitter, Plant & Nature lover, Dog Mom & Koi Pond Keeper.


How I Got Started....

You could say needlework crafts are in my blood. My first experience with was the loads of knit and crochet gifts that my Maternal Grandmother made for me before I was even born. I cherished those gifts for my entire childhood.


Time passed and I remember as a teen watching my Mom pick up some of my Grandma's old supplies and crocheting a big Queen size blanket. I wish back then I had shown more interest in it but decades later I found a hip Knitting Kit at Target with a DVD Tutorial and after a frustrating failure of an attempt and less than an inch of product to show for it, I tossed it aside.

My First Crochet Project

 Years later in 2010 I would see my Baby Sister speed crocheting and ask her how she learned. Her reply... "YouTube!" of course! I remember being so shocked at how much she was able to create in such a short amount of time.


So this was when I decided I would learn. I went to Youtube, learned the basics and found a cute little Unicorn amigurumi pattern on Etsy and I was... well, hooked!


I spent most of the years following making amigurumi, eventually even designing my own patterns and for a few short (but rewarding) years I even crocheted live on Twitch & sold some amigurumi keychains at TwitchCon. 

Keychains Made & Sold At Twitchcon 2018


Many custom commissions and products later I found myself in a rut and completely burnt out. My passion for amigurumi was gone. I still have a deep appreciation for the art of it and the talent of all the ami artists out there and the friends I've made in that community but as the world changed, so did I. I remember towards the end of my streaming days I started watching a few knitting streamers and I loved the sound of the needles and the beautiful indie dyed yarn they used. The colors were so much more magical than anything I had ever purchased before. It was then that I decided I would learn to Knit and my first thoughts of "Gosh it would be so fun to dye yarn!"
Reese Testing The Size - First Knit Project 
Fast forward a little and into a Global Pandemic all my want-tos were put on hold. My husband and I were staying with family while trying to look for our forever home and still feeling somewhat burnt out of crochet, I decided to learn how to knit. I confess, the final push that I needed was in thanks to Bad Wolf Girl and her awesome Harry Potter Knit patterns for Dogs. I set out to learn and knit my dogs Hogwarts House Sweaters.


I realized that Knitting didn't click with me all those years ago because I wasn't being taught the right method for my wacky brain. After crocheting for over a decade, Continental Style was exactly what I needed to be a successful knitter. I'm still very much a novice but I love the difference between Knitting and Crochet and sometimes just need the therapy of the slower paced flow of knitting.

Reese's Gryffindor Sweater


Over the next 3 years I would start buying indie dyed yarn and still dream of dyeing some myself. As a tie dye aficionado, the idea of dyeing one of my favorite things in all the world just really spoke to me. So finally in 2023, I decided I had waited long enough for "the right time" and just did the thing.

What better way to share my love for fiber arts by sharing yarn!


Why 'Enchanthread'?

Whenever I first dabbled in fiber arts, I would frequently wonder how someone came up with these methods. It truly seems like magic how a hook or needles can be used like magic wands to create something wonderful!

So when I got really into making and selling amigurumi, my boyfriend at the time (now husband) helped me brainstorm business names that embodied the idea of needlepoint crafts and magic. The credit goes all to him. It's essentially a play on the word "enchanted" and pronounced the same except the -ed is "thread". Enchan-thread. 


Sharing God's Word

This year as I've been super disciplined in reading God's Word every day in an effort to read the entire Bible in one year, I have felt more and more God's call to my purpose in life. It's something I've struggled with my whole life. But I know there's so many knitters and crocheters who use their craft as therapy. I know how it can be the one thing to calm the chaos in our minds and in our lives.

As such, I wanted to offer a little extra encouragement to my fellow fiber friends by sharing the goodness of God and give some encouragement with each and every collection. So each collection in some small way will be inspired by God's Word and each will have a Bible verse that coincides with the collection.

I know in today's culture Christians can be viewed as hateful and judgmental and that I can potentially be driving customer's away being open about my faith, but my intention is not to exclude or judge or hate, but to live like Jesus. To speak the truth (in love!) that is the Word of God, but also showing grace to those who are broken and lost. To come along side those that are hurting, listen and to encourage.

As such, it is my intention with each collection to choose a charity that aligns with my Christian values and give a portion of each collection's profit to that charity, because I want to do as much good as I can with each skein sold!


Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God’s will is—his good, pleasing and perfect will.

Romans 12:2