Kingdom Hearts 3 Flan Heartless Pattern

Now you can take home one of the Flantastic 7 to call your very own! Inspired by the adorable Flan Heartless in Kingdom Hearts 3!


Duckie Pattern

This cheerful little duck is sure to make a good friend for any kid or adult! Can't you just imagine him splashing around in a puddle with those chunky little webbed feet?


Yeti Pattern

Some say this yeti is an abominable snowman but there's nothing abominable about this guy! He's happy no matter where he goes! Make your own friendly yeti or customize him into some other friendly monster!


Octopus Pattern

A friendly octopus to snuggle with or decorate a nautical space! Make one for yourself or anyone who might need some extra snuggles! Perfect for a fun fishy friend for the kids!