Website is LIVE!

Five years ago, my boyfriend (who is now my husband) helped me to brainstorm a name for my little crochet shop on the internet. We considered so many different words and combinations but one of the things I wanted to embody with the name was the theme of “magic.”

Happy Yeti wishes you all a Site Launch “Hello!”

Happy Yeti wishes you all a Site Launch “Hello!”

Even now, having been crocheting for a few years, it is still magic to me. I often get lost in thought wondering how someone came up with this magical way to create and I still feel some sense of magic upon finishing a project. More than all of that, the most magical part of crochet is the incredible therapeutic part of it.

I’ve crocheted in the hospital rooms of my loved ones and on those days where I’m so stressed out I feel like I could explode into a flood of emotions. I’ve crocheted through great loss and great happiness. Whether I go through periods of great creativity or periods when creativity is just beyond my reach, I can still crochet. It’s been that one constant thing in my life that wasn’t just a phase. Each piece I create feels like something that has been enchanted to life and because I want others to become enchanted by the craft as well, the name “Enchanthread” was perfect.

It’s still magic even if you know how it’s done.
— Terry Pratchett

I had always planned to expand beyond the etsy shop but life has a funny way of sending you on little detours! So here we are, 5 years later, FINALLY launching this site largely in thanks to Kristine Bee! Here I hope to be sharing my love for the magical craft of crochet and hopefully inspire some creativity and magic in the lives of others!

Things to look forward to on the blog soon: I have a few stockpiled free patterns that I have been saving for when I finally got this page up. Free patterns, crochet-alongs, supplies reviews, inspiration posts & more! I’ll also be sharing about my crochet livestream news as well!

I am SO excited for what is in store this year and being able to share my passion and love for something so incredibly magical and I hope you’ll join me for the adventure.

If you’d like to be part of the magic, join one of our crochet livestreams. Resuming them 3 days a week starting TOMORROW over on Twitch at 12PM Pacific until around 5PM Pacific! We’re always happy to welcome new and old members of the community!

If you’ve read this far down, what’s something else that you find embodies the same theme of “magic”? I’d love to hear your stories!