Hello! I’m BeetleAtBay.

I’m the enchantress responsible for all the magic created here! Bringing you fiber magic from the beautiful Bay Area in California! My story begins long long ago and miles away from here on the east coast of the United States. Growing up in my family home in Virginia there was never a shortage of creativity.  My Mom was always dabbling in some kind of crafting. She built doll houses, miniature displays, created art and jewelry out of polymer clay, sewed garden flags, dabbled in knitting, crochet and beaded jewelry. So it comes as no surprise that I, myself, enjoy creating!

Most of the creative hobbies my Mom enjoyed she also shared with me and my brother, however, one of the few I didn't take an interest in at the time, I wish that I had. I watched her crochet a blanket right in front of me but I never thought to ask her to show me what she was doing.

Many years later in my early 20's, as a lover of scarves, I found a knit scarf making kit with a DVD and attempted to learn how to knit with the help of my Mom. Unfortunately, that lasted about a week and yielded only about a 2" by 1" piece of a scarf. Some time after that I got really into making and selling book-inspired charm bracelets and made so many from a certain popular vampire book series that I got burnt out.

At 26 years old it was time that I once again set off on the search for a new creative hobby. Around that time, I saw my 16 year old sister making a scarf with what seemed like the speed of lightning! Knowing how long it took me to knit a 2" by 1" piece of a scarf, I was floored. "How are you making that so fast?" I asked her. It was then that she told me she learned how to crochet from YouTube.

I immediately went out and bought some hooks, yarn and went straight to youtube. While I love scarves, the thing I wanted to make more than anything was cute stuffed plushies! So I ambitiously sat there on youtube desperately trying to teach myself how to start making amigurumi. I'm not sure how long it took me just to get the project started, but once I did I was "hooked" quite literally. I made an adorable Unicorn plush toy that I keep as a reminder of those days humbly teaching myself how to begin.

The feeling of actually completing a project was addicting. I was reading patterns and marveling over how awesome it must be to have the talent to create your own pattern. It was something I never thought I would be able t do. Over time I experimented, learned how to create certain shapes and learned to create my own patterns and free-hand projects. Now I look with the same wonder at those who are able to publish books full of their patterns and hope someday I can be there alongside them on the shelves of book stores and craft stores!

Along the way I found out that people were live-streaming creative content on the Twitch platform through a friend who suggested that I live-stream my crochet. I thought he was crazy, but I gave it a shot after seeing a few others streaming their crochet. It was the most important decision I ever made. It has helped me to grow my skills, connect with fellow fiber artists, artists of many different mediums and overall insanely creative people. It helped me to believe more in myself and my abilities and also allowed me to draw inspiration from the incredible community.

Creating in front of and alongside an audience live online is so unique and something to be treasured. It's like going to a crochet club and chatting about your day while doing the thing that gives you such comfort, joy and peace from the comfort of your own home!